Illumination for clean rooms

Among the top priorities for clean rooms is the preservation of the products against contamination and pollution. Hence high-grade safety luminaires must comply with different requirements and guidelines in order to reduce the particle emissions of the luminares. Corresponding to that the range of suitable raw materials as well as the surface coating methods used are very important because high-grade safety luminaires often get cleaned by aggressive disinfectants. Nevertheless the design of the high-grade safety luminaires is very important. There is always the danger that dirt particles aren´t discharged and as a result sprouts or microorganism can grow. Joins as well as indentations are such serious risks. With the long-term experience of Ludwig Leuchtenfor more than 65 years it is possible to rely on different products that meet optimally with the requirements for cleanrooms:

  • Clean rooms luminaires
  • High-bay luminaires
  • High-safety luminaires

Area of application for cleanroom illumination

Ludwig Leuchten Beleuchtung für Reinräume

All components of the cleanroom equipment have designed to ensure that the particle concentration in clean rooms gets minimized permanently and does not go beyond a critical niveau. Originally the idea of clean rooms originates from the medicine. Nowadays there are far more and variegated operation areas for the clean room technique.

  • Chemical industry (pharmaceutical production, laboratories)
  • Semiconductor industry
  • Electrical industry
  • Metalworking industry (assembly work, micro mechanics)
  • Food industry (delicatessen, testing laboratories)

Clean room illumination is not only necessary in the medical area but also the industry and food industry benefits of the specially developed clean room luminaires.

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