The Amsterdam metro

Ludwig Leuchten developed and installed für the Amsterdam Metro a curtain of light for added safety.

A curtain of light for added safety

The property. The Amsterdam metro is used by more than 300,000 travellers every day. The new north-south line (M52) will open in 2017, calling at all stops between the north and south stations.

The brief. The lighting experts Bartenbach (from Aldrans outside Innsbruck) were invited to plan the lighting systems for the six new metro stations. A particularly important issue for the network operators is safety. They want to protect waiting passengers from the dangers of trains entering the station.

The solution. The lighting plan will involve fitting more than 80,000 luminaires and these should all be in place by the end of the project. Nothing will involve standard solutions and every station will retain its own unique character. One challenge for the development experts was a particularly high requirement regarding the design of the luminaires and fittings in the stations. A number of local climate requirements also had to be taken into consideration (saltwater condensation due to the proximity to the coast, protection ratings IP 54/IP 65).

Individual lighting concept with more than 10,000 luminaires

Ludwig Leuchten developed a special projection technique to provide indirect glare-free illumination. The LED boards are mounted on support brackets and emit light in a variety of formats. Light from the LEDs is projected onto specific areas of the platform via deflector mirrors mounted on the ceiling. These mirrors can be adjusted to set the light distribution individually.

For added safety on the new metro line, there will also be a ‘curtain of light’ – a light screen, ensuring that passengers waiting for the train don’t stand too close to the edge of the platform. This curtain runs along an invisible line which passengers are encouraged to step back from by visual cues. The curtain system is integrated into the ceiling in the stations. There is also special illumination on the tracks.

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