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With this project we present you an illumination concept that is based on direct- indirect beam illumination in combination with a reflector ceiling panel.

A really new lighting concept

The principle of this illumination concept is to beam at the above reflector ceiling panel with direct-indirect beam pendant luminaires. With the help of this reflector ceiling panel it is possible to lead the light specifically and in a concentrated form on the workplace. The light guide overlaps above the workplace in such a way that the lighting is appropriate for working stations. By the way all requirements for a daylight reflection according to quality class I for luminaires are fulfilled. The reflector ceiling panel of the luminaire can be used as daylight reflection system by fading out the solar radiation. Flat light incidence is guided in the depth of the indoor room as a protection against overheating. This happens because of the reflector ceiling panel hat also reflects on the upper side. Consequently the luminaire has got a dual function because it guides artificial light to the bottom side and daylight to the surface of the reflector ceiling panel.

Illumination Planning: Köster & Köster, Frankfurt


A prevailing Illumination concept

Below the luminaire a performance of 12 W/m² is possible if the emission of the light is punctual up to 750lx at the working level and if the illumination level is up to 500lx. The advantage of the rotary arrangement of the reflectors is the adaption of the lighting conditions depending on the desk and screen arrangement. Additionally the pendant luminaire is equipped with the lighting control system LISY that enables to control the ambient light stepless by a sensor integrated in the body of the luminaire. Beside the light engineering Functions the following building physics advantages are used for the interior: On hot days the workplace is protected against heat radiation of the skylight of the glass and on cold days a passiv solar gain arises because of the flooding of light. In order to assume the function of an acoustic ceiling broadband reflectors have been installed on the reverse side with a mat. The acoustic attenuation occurs on one hand by inserting a special open-celled foam plastic and on the other hand also by the sound-absorbing effect of a so called “Plattenschwinger”. The reflectors build a cantilever that is active regrading damping in case of airborne sound or in case of reflected sounds. Because of the advantageous functions regarding the light technology, the indoor climate and the acoustic SELVOO can be described as a multifunctional climate luminaire.

Patent: Köster

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