FINISH 3 Magna Graz

For the Austrian carmaker MAGNA STEYR Ludwig Leuchten has equipped a 190m long varnish control road with a total of 205 new pilot lights.

205 new surface control luminaires for increased light levels

After the outdated lighting system in the varnish control street "Finish 3" did not longer meet the requirements of a modern lighting for varnish control roads, MAGNA decided to bring the 190m long varnish control road to the newest level of technology.

Since the luminaires for surface control from Ludwig Leuchten fared best in the tests for suitability, the decision for the luminaires of the manufacturer from Mering was quickly made.

The complete surface control road was equipped with a total of 205 luminaires for surface control type 466RR GS LBS3T58E - DALI. The 9 zones of the control street can be dimmed independently. In the course of reconstruction work at "FINISH 3"  also a  working station called "Technology Audit" was equipped with 15 luminaires for surface control.

Full service by Ludwig Leuchten: From construction to the lighting concept

Ludwig Leuchten produced ​​in addition to the luminaires also the complete steel construction for fixing the luminaires in the plant and installed these. The electrical installation of both systems was of course in compliance with all relevant regulations and product specifications including a digital bus system mounted for connecting a parent, computerized control .

By using the luminaires for surface control from Ludwig Leuchten the light level was increased significantly and the special design of the light-dark fields facilitates recognition of coating defects immense. By dimming possibility within the individual processing zones the lighting level can be adjusted individually for each step.

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