Congress Center City Club Vienna

Adjusting the artificial lighting, depending on the respective daylight conditions in the conference rooms: that was our task.

Perfect harmony between natural and artificial light.

Therefore, we have developed pivoting slats, to control the sunlight, which are mounted in the area of the ceiling windows. Controlled via a central light sensor and adjusted with help of an electric motor and the toothed belt drive, their height variates between 16 and 80 cm, depending on the sunlight intensity, at a size of 230 cm x 480 cm per blade piece. The illumination intensity at this secondary illumination is about 200 lx.

Flexible lighting concept

By decreasing or to intense sunlight the slats are automatically closed by the light sensor and, if necessary, are additionally indirect pendant luminaires (2T16 54E) turned on. These are equipped with dimmable electronic ballasts and pendants, mounted at 5m high, the light is deflected down by the aluminum fins. Thus, the artificial lighting can be controlled to 500 lx. The daylight is directed from the outside via the aluminium reflector mat through the underside of the fins onto the illuminated space zone. Mounted Downlights (2TC - D26E) and parabolic louvre luminaires (2T58E) were installed in the newly built false ceiling for extended and additional lighting.

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