Colorline Arena Hamburg

After only 16 months construction time, Europe´s most modern multifunction arena was commissioned on 8th November 2002.

Some 80 million euro were invested by the main investor and operator, D+J Arena Hamburg GmbH, a subsidiary of the Jokerit Group, Finland, for the 150 m long and 110 m wide multipurpose hall with an average of 120 events every year with over a million visitors.

Europe´s most modern multifunction arena

The 33 m high “Blue Wonder” in the “Volkspark”, as the ColorLine Arena is already being called by the people of Hamburg, is intended as a centre for a great variety of events in the coming years.

More than 1,400 luminaires on 3,760 square meters

Depending on the particular nature of the event there are up to 16,886 seats available. For sport events there is a hall capacity of 13,886 seats. There is a “permanent” ice layer set into the floor. When the floor area is needed for other purposes, the ice is covered up with mats. It is even possible to convert the hall to an amphitheatre with 3,000 to 4,000 seats. Maximum surface area for events is 86.8x43.3 metres, which is 3,760 square metres.

Siemens Gebäudemanagement und Services is responsible for the entire facility management of technical systems for Color Line Arena, also including the provision of media in the preparation of events in the fields of electrical systems, air-conditioning, water and light. For the lighting, more than 1,400 recessed luminaires in various models were produced and supplied by Ludwig Leuchten.


Builder: D+ J-Arena Hamburg GmbH

Architects: evata - Finnland

Illumination Planning: Olof Granlund Oy - Finnland

Building Technology: Siemens Gebäudemanagement und Services - Hamburg

Luminaire Manufacturer: Ludwig Leuchten KG - Mering

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