Training trip on the high seas

During a training trip on the high seas Ludwig Leuchten presented products and the company philosophy to its customers out of the field of electrical installation products and the company philosophy.

Kiel-Oslo and back once

During a special training trip on the high seas, Ludwig Leuchten brought its products to customers in the field of electrical installation and Corporate Philosophy closer. The company H , Gautzsch Großhandel Sachsen GmbH organized the special event and brought Ludwig Leuchten on board as a partner. The cruise ship "Color Magic" headed from Kiel to Oslo - and right into the new developments in the lighting industry. The approximately 30-kilometer-long passage uses around 30 participants - mainly experts in the field of electrical installation - to find out more about products, trends and lighting solutions. Together with the companies Esylx and Brumberg, specialists for sensors and luminaires for private households among others, Ludwig Leuchten was able to cover the entire spectrum of offers and topics. "The cruise was the perfect setting to introduce our products, but also to introduce our philosophy to the customer," says Christian Zwolsky, Marketing and Sales Manager at Ludwig Leuchten.

Information and enjoyment in a special setting

Together with project manager Bruno Miller, Zwolsky presented new products from the Ludwig Leuchten range on the ship such as the "" or the recessed luminaire " VIRO® IV ". But also special solutions, such as those on the Munich Airport has been documented using practical examples. "It became clear which decisive advantage our production has here on site for the customer," says Zwolsky. Because Made in Germany enables Ludwig Leuchten to react quickly and individually to customer requirements. In addition, the experts from Ludwig Leuchten informed about general trends and technologies in the industry. Especially in the field of LED, there are plenty of uncertainty on the customer side, because of numerous cheap imports, which are often of poor quality, Zwolsky has stated. "We were able to show here that as a family business we have the competence in this field and are a reliable partner." In addition to all the work on their floating conference hotel, the nearly 50 participants also enjoyed a little cruise-like atmosphere and the Norwegian capital, which they met on a city tour. "For us, this type of event was a premiere," says Zwolsky, "a successful premiere." Already on the ship there was a first conversation, which now wants to deepen. The company H , Gautzsch Großhandel Sachsen GmbH based in Halle is an electrical wholesaler in Saxony / Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia. It employs around 100 people. Ludwig Leuchten has maintained close contacts for more than ten years and supplies products from the entire range. 

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