Sales representative meeting: specialists for clean room lighting

For many years Ludwig Leuchten has been a specialist in the production of high-quality cleanroom luminaires, which are used in sensitive areas such as medicine or food production. At the trade representative meeting in May, the company showed how it intends to set new trends in this area in the future. And that was not the only topic.

Ludwig Leuchten is close to the market. The family-owned company has a close Sales Network in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the Benelux countries. More than 18 sales representatives as well as own sales staff take care of the customers in these regions. To ensure that sales representatives and sales representatives are always up to date and know what is going on at Ludwig Leuchten, regular meetings are standard.

Important impulses for product development Conversely, the company itself also benefits from exchanges with its people outside the market. "They bring the experience of our customers to our company and thus provide important impulses for the further development of our products," explains Managing Director Florian Möckel. In mid-May, the two-day conference took place at the headquarters in Mering. Theme among others: Clean Room Lighting . Ludwig Leuchten has been a specialist in the production of lighting systems that can withstand the highest hygienic requirements for many years. The top priority is the protection against contamination, as well as against bacteria / viruses, the persons to be treated in the medical field, examination objects in laboratories, or materials in the production of sensitive products. Cleanroom luminaires must therefore meet high requirements in order to keep particulate emissions as low as possible. Accordingly, the selection of suitable materials and the design is important because dirt can easily settle in joints and gaps. Since cleanroom luminaires frequently come into contact with aggressive disinfectants, the choice of materials (surface coating process) is also very important. Anja-Marie Lutz and Oliver Graf, as key account managers at Ludwig Leuchten, serve customers in this area. At the sales representative meeting, Ms. Lutz explained what is important for these products.

Cooperation with Italian supplier In addition, the sales representatives were informed about the cooperation between Ludwig Leuchten and the Italian lighting manufacturer NITEKO, which offers LED street lighting, lighting technology for stadiums and architecturally sophisticated lighting concepts. Ludwig Leuchten has been cooperating with the company since 2015, and since June 2017, Ludwig Leuchten has taken over the exclusive representation of NITEKO for Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

About Human Centric Lighting

The current trends in the industry were also discussed at the trade representative meeting. Jürgen Dichtl, Head of Product Development and Design, informs about the light output of LED and about Human Centric Lighting & nbsp; (HCL). This refers to biodynamic light that adapts to the needs of the user - thus activating or calming through light color and intensity. This not only has a positive impact on users' health, explained Mr. Dichtl, but also helps to save costs. By means of control it is also possible to react to presence and absence, which, in conjunction with the use of LED, the & nbsp; Energy consumption for lighting in companies and administrations could be reduced by 50 percent, according to a study. Ludwig Leuchten wants to point out these possibilities with a new HCL brochure. Also a new catalog with the newest product developments is to come on the market soon.

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