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What will the lighting of the future look like? What role will lighting play in our lives? Ludwig Leuchten has the answers for these and more questions.

How Ludwig Leuchten goes about turning visions into reality and respecting the environment

Innovation and revolution in lighting technology

What will the lighting of the future look like? What role will lighting play in our lives? Will there still be conventional lamps hanging from the ceiling or will we all be surrounded by glowing walls, streets and other everyday objects? Will we somehow work out how to ‘store’ light? Or perhaps even send data to others on rays of light? Pie in the sky? If that’s what you think – you’re right.

Nonetheless. The lighting industry is currently facing revolutionary change. Innovative technologies are opening the door to new and previously unimagined realms of possibility. To not just join in but be one step ahead, to not just go with the flow but think ahead, you need a vision of the future. You need the courage to have crazy ideas. Just imagine if businesses had listened to pessimistic prophecies in the past, like in 1985 when Bill Gates is rumoured to have said, “The Internet is just a passing fad.” Hmm. Really?

The bosses at Ludwig Leuchten certainly have the courage. They also have a vision. And they like to think ahead. Thanks to a company history going back almost 70 years, they also have the experience it takes and know enough about the industry to translate ideas into a reality. They do this without taking their eye off market trends – as is the case with one important area when it comes to the future: human centric lightning (HCL).

It’s nothing new for Ludwig Leuchten to go further than it needs to with its lighting concepts. Illumination levels and energy efficiency are just part of the picture when they come up with ideas. Lighting can make people more alert, or more relaxed, depending on the physiological impact required.

The German Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers’ Association (ZVEI) and LightingEurope believe that HCL will already account for seven per cent of the entire European lighting market by 2020. In a report published with AT Kearney, they captured the monetary value of such lighting systems to the economy. And Ludwig Leuchten is already in a position to show its customers the many ground-breaking options they have today.

The same applies to environmental factors. As LED technologies – especially cheap imports – threaten to turn lighting into disposable products, the traditional company from the town of Mering outside Augsburg is thinking a couple of steps ahead. Many standard solutions are already available as modules – building blocks that make it easier to exchange or fit elements later on down the line. This equips the products of Ludwig Leuchten with the adaptability they need today to prepare for the innovations of tomorrow.

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