Ludwig Leuchten showcases product innovations at Light + Building 2016

Lighting specialist Ludwig Leuchten is exhibiting a variety of product innovations alongside its core product range at Light + Building 2016.

From 13-18 March, visitors to stand D50 in Hall 3 can receive a personal introduction to the CanaLin® rapid mounting system, the ModuLin® light channel system and the lay-in recessed Viro® IV. All of the new products will be showcased in a special ‘innovation passage’ on the stand. To stimulate the conversation, there will also be a design study – an installation featuring an innovative pendant luminaire for classic office use. “We’ve been through a complete reorganisation over the last year, demonstrating that it is possible to produce innovative solutions on German soil, despite the difficult market,” states Florian Möckel, Chairman of the Managing Board at Ludwig Leuchten. The company offers a wide selection of efficient lighting solutions, ranging from a comprehensive range of standard products to special customised solutions.

Human-centric lighting – an emerging market

The lighting market is currently witnessing the most intensive period of change it has ever experienced. LED technology is acting as a catalyst to a technological revolution that shows no signs of abating. One of the main areas where Ludwig Leuchten sees major potential is human-centric lighting (HCL). In the future, lighting systems that vary the intensity of illumination and light colour by using special controls will play a pivotal role in the industry. The company has already introduced HCL solutions in a variety of areas, from care homes to auditoriums, public buildings and airports – and there is still plenty of potential to be exploited in a broad spectrum of LED-based lighting solutions. For example, thanks to sensor technology it is not just possible to regulate lighting but also heating systems or outdoor shades. The technology is already in place to do this and because the products offered by Ludwig Leuchten are based on a modular system they can easily integrate a variety of systems already used in modern building technology.

More than just light: product novelties

The slogan being used by the traditional familyowned business on the trade fair stand is ‘More than Lighting’. A strong emphasis is being set on the new modular LED systems produced by Ludwig Leuchten. These systems are adaptable in use, offer modular assembly and come in timeless designs.

CanaLin® is an LED strip lighting system that was specially designed for quick assembly. It is ideal in all areas where linear light distribution is required, such as warehouses and production halls, supermarkets and public buildings. The bases and the lights themselves come in a complete unit, significantly reducing assembly time and saving money. The system has also been designed to incorporate electrical cables, data cables and compressed air hoses needed at the work place. If required, units can also accommodate emergency lighting, sensors, loudspeakers, cameras, power rails, indirect components and a variety of connectors.

ModuLin® is an LED light channel system and is ideal for illuminating indoor and outdoor areas such as offices, event venues, foyers and museums. One particular highlight offered by this development is that the aluminium strip contains a side flap, allowing for quick and easy installation, servicing or removal of the luminaire. The robust construction is based on a modular design to make it possible to cover large areas. These products come in a variety of configurations allowing for direct or indirect light distribution, a number of different beam arrangements, sensors, emergency lights and electrical conduits. Because the pendant luminaire uses a channel system, it can also be mounted in recesses or used in surfacemounted installations. As a result, ModuLin® gives light planners and architects plenty of options for experimenting with different ideas, lighting alternatives and functions.

The new product portfolio is rounded off by Viro® IV, an ultrathin, direct beamed LED lay-in recessed luminaire that comes with frames or disks. This group of products offers a variety of design options, allowing Ludwig Leuchten to make it possible for customers to install modern LED technology at an affordable price. Because the luminaires are flat and offer excellent lighting performance, they are also a viable alternative to LED panels, only with some important differences: they can also be equipped with emergency lights, sensors and light regulation. This makes them particularly well suited to more demanding lighting applications. Another advantage of the Viro® IV products is that they are insectproof and electrical terminals are on the exterior for quick connection.

A further trade fair highlight for Ludwig Leuchten is a design study featuring an innovative LED pendant luminaire. What is so special about this lighting solution is that the luminaire is ultrathin. It contains an integrated electronic driver and is based on an innovative lighting concept that makes it possible for light to emanate from the unit directly or as diffused light. The luminaire will fulfil all future technical requirements for office lighting. The trade fair team looks forward to discussing this prototype with visitors to the stand.

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