Ludwig Leuchten in exchange with sales representatives

Close to the market: Ludwig Leuchten invites sales representatives to Mering

The developers in the headquarters can still be so good, the production still so effective - if the direct line to the market is missing, everything is worthless. That is why Ludwig Leuchten maintains close contact with his sales representatives. At the end of October, a two-day conference took place at the headquarters in Mering. "It has been an intensive day, from which both sides have benefited: we as a company and our partners in sales", says CEO Florian Möckel. Ludwig Leuchten has a close-knit distribution network in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the Benelux countries. A total of 20 sales representatives and own sales staff are working for the Meringer family business. These professionals know exactly what the customer needs, how the markets evolve. Most of them have many years of experience in the industry. Their assessment is therefore an important indicator for the decision-makers at Ludwig Leuchten when it comes to new products, innovative technologies and the further development of lighting systems. "Only if we know what the market needs can we be able to set the right course", says CEO Möckel.

Sales representatives, too, benefit from the close relationship with Ludwig Leuchten

The fact that the company relies on production made in Germany unlike many competitors is a clear advantage. Thanks to the short paths between development, design, production and sales, customer requests can be fulfilled individually and quickly. In order to further optimize these mutual relationships, Ludwig Leuchten had invited his sales representatives to Mering from 25 to 26 October. For two days, debates were held on trends and technologies, new products were presented and developments in the company were shown. "It was important for us to show where we set priorities in the future," says CEO Möckel, "we wanted to bring the philosophy behind our products closer to our partners." For this reason, among other things, new developments in the area of ​​rapid assembly systems and other LED luminaires were put up for discussion and discussion at the trade representative meeting. Biodynamic light, the so-called human-centric lighting, was also an issue. The concept worked, as sales manager Christian Zwolsky confirms: "The feedback from our partners has been consistently positive."

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