VIRO IV - Einlegeleuchte Ludwig Leuchten

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With the VIRO® IV product family Ludwig Leuchten introduces clients to the possibility of LED technology at an affordable price – and a large variety of design options. This direct beamed LED lay-in recessed luminaire is available in different optics and with different light emission surfaces. Their low height offers the perfect alternative to LED panels. Additionally: the insect-proof

VIRO® IV offers the option of emergency lighting, senors or light regulation to be incorporated.

Different optics and light-emitting surfaces

Einlegeleuchte VIRO IV - Ludwig Leuchten - Raster, 280mm, eckiger Ausschnitt
  • VIRO® IV with louvre
  • linear, angular cut
  • centre distance 280 mm
  • Order number: 03-0013012
VIRO IV - Einlegeleuchte Ludwig Leuchten - Raster, 280 mm mit Radien
  • VIRO® IV with louvre
  • linear cut with radius
  • centre distance 280 mm
  • Order number: 03-0013014

VIRO® Human Centric Lighting

Upon request the VIRO IV is available with HCL. HCL (Human Centric Lighting) is the biodynamical light, that maintains the natural circadian rhythm and promotes health and well-being. Automised colour temperature change from 2500K to 7000K along the Planckian curve and full spectrum with CRI>90 ensure a bio-effective and natural light.

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